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Google Apps (the Cloud for Free) Google Apps is a free SaaS Cloud service. The service allows up to 50 custom user accounts per business, and provides unlimited access to the messaging apps g-mail and Google Calendar, collaboration apps Google Docs and Google Sites, not to mention Google Reader, Blogger, Picasa Web Albums and AdWords. For organizations wishing to try out the Google SaaS environment, this is a great and – obviously – cost-effective way to do it.

Google’s free collaboration apps are particularly impressive. Securely powered by the web, Google Docs offers the flexibility for individuals to be productive from any location on any device (including smartphones). Embracing all manner of documents from white papers to spreadsheets to presentations, the app works in the browser on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines.

Google Apps for Business Coming at a nominal charge per user, Google Apps for Business includes everything offered by plain-vanilla Google Apps, but adds significant tools and resources to the mix. These include Google Video for Business and Google Groups for Business … 25GB email storage per user, with BlackBerry and Microsoft Outlook interoperability … SSO, forced SSL, and custom password strength requirements … a 99.9% uptime guarantee … plus 24/7 support. Through Google Video for Business, Google securely hosts and streams an enterprise’s videos, so employees don’t need to share over…
Note: Google Apps for Business

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